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Headshot of CEO and Co-Founder Ian Golden

Ian Golden

Co-Founder & CEO

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Ian is an entrepreneur, combat veteran, and a political consultant who has developed a diverse set of skills that enable him to lead and innovate. He previously co-founded Battle Board, a military operational equipment manufacturing business in the US. Acting as co-founder and director of operations and marketing Ian brought the company from $127,000 in annual revenue in year one to $785,000 within two years without external funding.


Ian served as a non-commissioned officer and sniper in the 82nd Airborne and 4th Infantry Division for six years before being selected for the Army’s Green to Gold program to be an officer candidate at Georgetown University ROTC but was medically retired due to injuries incurred in Iraq. After the military he worked as a survey research, fundraising, and political organizational consultant in Washington, DC. After the 2016 election, Ian left his political career to follow his passion for the outdoors, joining Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) as a sales manager, before co-founding Battle Board. He is currently pursuing an MBA, part-time, at The University of Edinburgh.


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