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About Us

Secure. Isolate. Protect.

At Manta Cyber, we're committed to protecting digital evidence.

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Our Story

Manta Cyber began in a pub, on the back of a napkin, with two friends.

The catalyst for starting our business was an incident during the conflict in Ukraine on New Year's Eve 2022, where electronic surveillance led to a deadly artillery strike. This highlighted a critical vulnerability: the need for secure cellular devices for soldiers in conflict zones. As a former soldier, Ian recognized the need to protect these devices from being monitored or targeted and the necessity for soldiers to use their devices safely.


With an idea and a poorly sketched drawing Ian met up with Christian in local Cambridge pub and Christian applied his design prowess and this is where Manta was born. This led to the inception of the business designing state-of-the-art Faraday enclosures, initially intended for military use.


However, upon engaging with potential end-users, we quickly discovered an even greater demand within police and intelligence agencies to secure electronic devices from remote interference during criminal arrests or device capture. Police were often unsuccessful in stopping criminal networks from remotely destroying digital evidence on phones and laptops after confiscating them. Our products are now pivotal in preventing data destruction by sophisticated criminals, from child predators to cyber criminals.


This mission has profoundly shaped our company's vision and values. We are not just a business but a force committed to enhancing societal safety. We aim to eradicate criminals' ability to destroy digital evidence and evade justice, thereby making our communities safer and more just. Every product we develop is not just a tool for security but a significant step towards a safer, more just society.

Meet The Team

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